Category: Rail Safety

  • Level Crossing Safety Analysis: Judds Road Crossing, Masterton

    Due to the Wairarapa Level Crossing Upgrade Programme being conducted by Kiwirail, some level crossings in the Wairarapa District must be closed. One of those proposed for closure is at Judds Road in Masterton. There are two key safety issues to be addressed at Judds Road Level Crossing and others like it. Using the above […]

  • Level Crossing Upgrade Programme For Wairarapa Line

    Kiwirail and Waka Kotahi are working on a programme of level crossing upgrades in the Wairarapa at the present time. At the time of writing this post some difficulty was experienced in determining actually which Government policy announcement covers the level crossing upgrade programme but it appears to date from the announcement of the Wellington […]

  • Significant Level Crossing Safety Risks At Waingawa Logging Hub / Waingawa Industrial Park

    Waingawa is a station at 85 km on the Wairarapa Line, 9 km north of Carterton and within Carterton District. The site was formerly known for the Waingawa Freezing Works, which had its own industrial sidings. There was a platform and station building for passenger use. It is likely that this would have included some […]