Welcome to Transport Safety Blog New Zealand

Welcome to Transport Safety Blog New Zealand. TSBNZ is a new blog that is focused mainly on road and rail safety in New Zealand, particularly the intersection between the two. The intention is to prioritise a focus on road safety and environmental issues, which are often sidelined by public pressure to prioritise the free flowing movement of large volumes of traffic. The aim is to create awareness of the issues created by increased volumes of road traffic in communities and be a focal point for campaigns opposing the inbuilt assumption that unlimited roading capacity for cars is a high priority social and cultural imperative in New Zealand.

Transport Safety Blog New Zealand is also focused on rail safety, with a particular prioritisation on safe crossings of railways by roads and paths. This has come out of a growing awareness that many accidents and incidents at such crossings come out of high volumes of traffic and unsafe roading design. Roading authorities tend to treat railway crossings as just another type of intersection and fail to address the extra safety issues caused due to the particular unique characteristics applying to trains. Many local authorities lack competence in designing safe crossings and understanding safety issues in relation to them.

Transport Safety Blog New Zealand has evolved from various previous blogs, including Enzed Transport, New Zealand Rail Maps and Christchurch Transport Blog. Some of the above continue in separate operation although they are all hosted and managed on the same web platform.

You can contact Transport Safety Blog New Zealand via our Facebook page.

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